Research and Field Survey

  • In 2017, YSAI conducted survey to assess the potential and technology used at shrimp farm on four islands in Indonesia; Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi. The overall purposes of the survey were:
    • To assess the shrimp productivity
    • To identify the technology used at shrimp farm  
    • To collect the information on energy used at farm, during farm construction and growing period
    • To identify farmers’ perception on environmental preservation
    • To assess government’s involvement in supporting shrimp farm development
  • In 2017, YSAI facilitated International students who conducted carrying capacity research. YSAI provided support in data sampling process, partnered with Balai Layanan Usaha Produksi Perikanan Budidaya Karawang (BLUPPB).

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