Socialization on the Aquaculture Improvement Program Management Transition to YSAI

Banyuwangi – On Tuesday, December 1, Yayasan Sustainaqua Indonesia (YSAI) held a meeting with Shrimp Club Indonesia (SCI) Banyuwangi to socialize the transition of the Aquaculture Improvement Program (AIP) team management into YSAI, which previously managed by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. That transition aims to get more flexibility for any activities in the field.

Since 2012, SCI has been becoming a strategic partner for Aquaculture Improvement Program. SCI commitment in such program has shown on their active participation and contribution on plenty discussions as well as during program execution. SCI has been becoming the leading stakeholder whose role is critical in determining the sustainability of shrimp culture activities in the region.

That transition has been positively responded by SCI, in the hope that YSAI is able to continuously support any efforts to a sustainable shrimp industry development.

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