Kick Off Meeting Aquaculture Improver Program Collaboration Of ASC, YSAI, ASTIN And The Packers

Situbondo is one of the regencies in East Java, which has an area of 1,638.50 km² or 163,850 Ha and has an elongated shape from west to east of approximately 150 km on the north coast of the Horseshoe region, East Java. The Situbondo district is divided into 17 sub-districts, 12 of which are coastal areas, namely the districts of Banyuglugur, Besuki, Suboh, Mlandingan, Bungatan, Kendit, Panarukan, Mangaran, Kapongan, Arjasa, Jangkar, BanyuPutih. From the data  Fisheries Service of Situbondo Regency, the total area of the pond is around 675.7 Ha with a total of 2,213 plots. Its main commodity is Vanamei Shrimp.

In 2021 YSAI had the opportunity to collaborate with the farmers Situbondo Intensive Pond Association (ASTIN Groups) and the Situbondo Fisheries Service regarding the Aquaculture Improver Program supported by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), PT. Bumi Menara Internusa and PT. Panca Mitra Multiperdana (PMMP). This activity aims to increase the competitiveness of shrimp commodities in the international market and create a sustainable shrimp culture management area. This Kick-off meeting aims to realize the development of shrimp farming areas through strengthening certification and better aquaculture management practices in the Situbondo coastal area. For this reason, the expected output in this activity is the achievement of commitments and follow-up plans for activities with stakeholders to develop shrimp farming activities in Situbondo.

On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, a Kick-Off Meeting of the Aquaculture Improver Program was held with Farmers from the Incentive Pond Association of Situbondo, at Barramundi Resto, Situbondo, with the schedule of:

  1. Opening and welcome from Chairman Astin
  2. Message from the Head of the Situbondo Fisheries Service “Shrimp culture Policy for the Situbondo Regency Government.”
  3. Presentation material from the Processing Plan “Export Market Trends on the Urgency of Cultivation Improvement and Certification Activities.”
  4. Presentation of the Aquaculture Improver Program by YSAI
  5. Discussion
  6. Commitment and follow-up
  7. Closing


The first schedule in this event was a speech from the chairman of ASTIN, Mr. Setyo Wahyudi, who conveyed and invited farmers to carry out sustainable management of vanamei shrimp culture by paying attention to the impact on the environment. This activity was attended by 83 participants from various stakeholders in the shrimp industry. ASTIN hopes that this kind of activity can increase the farmers’ awareness and improve the farmers’ skills, both technically and practically.

The Policy for Development of Shrimp Culture in Situbondo, which was conveyed by the Secretary of the Situbondo Fisheries Service, Mr. Abdul Rahman, M.Si, the Situbondo Regency Government strongly supports sustainable shrimp farming activities, therefore to support the National policy in the next 5 (five) years, the policy direction The Fisheries Service of Situbondo Regency must refer to the four policy directions that have been set by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, namely Pro-poor (Policy for poverty alleviation efforts), Pro job (alignment to increasing the workforce), Pro-growth (alignment to growth), Pro sustainability (alignment to the environment). So with this AIP activity, the Situbondo district government supports and hopes that sustainable cultivation activities will be created.

Export Market Trends Against the Urgency of Cultivation Improvement Activities and Certification submitted by PT. BMI and PT. PMMP is currently very important for all stakeholders of the shrimp industry to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian shrimp so that our production is not inferior to other shrimp exporting countries. Demand The current international market wants shrimp from a sustainable aquaculture process and follows the certification standards they issue. Therefore, all stakeholders need to pay attention to this.

YSAI gave a presentation on the Aquaculture Improver Program, which aims to increase the competitiveness of shrimp in the international market. One way is by obtaining an ASC certificate. In addition, YSAI also explained several programs that ASTIN will carry out in AIP, including Water Quality Monitoring in Situbondo Coastal Waters, Workshop, and Training on shrimp farming processes both practically and technically.

The results obtained from this activity are that there are 26 farmers who support and are committed to participating in the AIP, namely Tambak Primadona Hijau, Agel Kencana, Bumi Asri Lestari, Gama Windu Mulya, Robil, Gosyen, Raja Benur, Gading Gajah, NAF, Segaran Sejahtera, SIP, Peleyan Royal Vannamei, Mutual Earth, Prima Mina Sakti, Empang Kuningan, Agape Hatchery, Summa Benur, Bahari Kencana, Tanjung Mangaran, Sumber Rejeki Raya, Millennial Shrimp Farm BPBAP, Banyu Biru, SABU, Maxmar Group, Sidodadi Jaya. With a shared commitment, it is hoped that the Aquaculture Improver Program activities are carried out by YSAI, ASTIN, Situbondo Regency Government, PT. BMI and PT. PMMP can be carried out in the next 1-3 years.

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