Digitalization of Sustainable Shrimp Farming Training, a collaboration between the Marine Fisheries Training Center and Extension with the Sustainaqua Indonesia Foundation.

In order to support the Indonesian government’s program to increase national shrimp production by 250%, the Sustainaqua Indonesia Foundation is working with the Marine Fisheries Training and Extension Center to develop Digital Sustainable Shrimp Farming Training. This collaboration process was officially signed together online in a series of PUSLATLUH KP activities which can be seen at

Digital sustainable shrimp farming training is expected to be able to improve the human resource capacity of shrimp farmers to carry out better aquaculture practices. By transforming shrimp farming training materials into a digital platform, it is hoped that the dissemination of science and technology in shrimp farming can be reached by shrimp farmers throughout Indonesia. With easy-to-understand learning materials prepared by competent practitioners, this digital platform can be easily accessed by shrimp farming practitioners in general.

In general, the scope of this online training covers the basic principles of shrimp farming. The scope of this sustainable shrimp farming training includes;

  1. Determine the feasibility of the environmental aspects of shrimp farming land
  2. Designing the layout, design and construction of cultivation containers
  3. Operate electric machines
  4. Management of reservoir water quality
  5. Preparation of containers and maintenance media
  6. Spread the shrimp seeds
  7. Using probiotics
  8. Manage maintenance media
  9. Manage artificial feeding
  10. Monitoring shrimp growth
  11. Managing shrimp health, and
  12. Harvest and Post-harvest Shrimp

The concept of this online training is blended learning, where the trainees can learn the material between listening, seeing and reading at the same time. And then can practice the lesson independently. With this concept, training participants are expected to easily learn the concepts of shrimp farming and can be applied by business actors to achieve optimal shrimp farming.

The Digitization of Sustainable Shrimp Farming Training was funded by the Walton Family Foundation and supported by Conservation International Indonesia

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