YSAI AIP Seminar Series. “Sustainability issues and the Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as An Information Technology Product in Supporting Shrimp Farming Business “

AIP seminar Series is one of a series of activities carried out by YSAI together with Fortel SCI Banyuwangi in the Aquaculture Improver Program.  In this seminar session, the theme presented was Sustainability issues and the Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as an Information Technology Product in Supporting Shrimp Farming Business. This seminar  was held on   March 23, 2022  at […]

Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series. Shrimp Talk Vol. 2: Attention to Genetics, Shrimp Business Getting More Attractive

Minapoli, an aquaculture start up company, held a webinar session 2 on 22 March 2022 with theme is the role of genetics in supporting to increase national shrimp production. It held by collaboration between Indonesian Shrimp Forum (FUI) and the Indonesian Shrimp Breeder Communication Forum (FKPUI). Mr. Agus Wibowoas general chairman of FUI said FUI supports the government’s program to […]

Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series. Sharing Experience in Preventive Action for AHPND/EHP in Intensive Shrimp Culture

Shrimp production intensification is one of the government’s strategic to achieve national goals production up to 2 million tons in 2024. The rapid development and intensification of cultural practices have been associated with several problems inside, one of them is disease outbreaks. Diseases outbreaks can caused by bacteria, viral disease, and microscopdia parasites and it decrease shrimp production up to […]

Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series, SOP for Sustainable Vaname Shrimp Culture Chapter III

This webinar with topic Standard Operational Procedure for sustainable Vannamei shrimp culture session III was held on January 20, 2022 and it was being last series for socialization SOP organized by FUI (Indonesian Shrimp Forum). The materials in this session are continuation webinar before regarding about process production of Vannamei shrimp culture. The material in this session is indirectly related […]

Digitalization of Sustainable Shrimp Farming Training, a collaboration between the Marine Fisheries Training Center and Extension with the Sustainaqua Indonesia Foundation.

In order to support the Indonesian government’s program to increase national shrimp production by 250%, the Sustainaqua Indonesia Foundation is working with the Marine Fisheries Training and Extension Center to develop Digital Sustainable Shrimp Farming Training. This collaboration process was officially signed together online in a series of PUSLATLUH KP activities which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vx8cbReTsc. Digital sustainable shrimp […]

Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series SOP for Sustainable Vaname Shrimp Culture (Chapter II)

Webinar series II with topic “Standard Operational Procedure for Sustainable Vannamei Shrimp Culture” was held on December 23, 2021 by FUI (Indonesian Shrimp Forum). This session focuses on process of shrimp farm activities begin from water quality management, feed management and probiotic treatment, health management of Vannamei and effluent management. Ir Budhi Wibowo as the chairman of FUI said that […]