National Workshop “Strategic Alignment to Promote Sustainable Harmonious Shrimp Farming in Mangrove Areas”

This National Workshop was held for 3 days by Yayasan SustainAqua Indonesia collaboration with the Walton Family Foundation. Participants in this workshop consisted of 17 participants who were representatives of NGOs from various provinces in Indonesia. This event opens on October 21, 2021 at 19.49 WITA at Fave Hotel Makassar. The opening began with remarks from Rizki Dwinanto as Chairman […]

YSAI and partner discussion forum: Challenge and opportunity in shrimp farming in different area in Indonesia

BOGOR – Along with the rapid development of system and technology in shrimp farming, the challenges are also advancing. The majority issues are coming from the availability of pathogen free broodstock and larvae, affordable and good quality of pond production facilities, the spread of disease suspected as Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS), also issues outside of farming technicalities such as access […]

Declarator of Indonesian Shrimp Forum

The Establishment of Indonesian Shrimp Forum as a Think Tank for Sustainable Shrimp Industry Development in Indonesia

JAKARTA – As stated in the mid – term national development agenda, the government has set a target of increasing shrimp exports value of 250% by 2024. As a commitment of business actors to support that target, shrimp industry stakeholders form up to downstream form the Indonesia Shrimp Forum. The forum is targeted to be a think tank that plays […]