Coordination and Facilitation

  • Working together with a range of stakeholders, including but not limited to, governmental and non–governmental agencies, supply chain actors and farmers association in managing aquaculture improvement programs in Indonesia
  • Facilitate the adoption/implementation of national and international standard of better management practices in aquaculture
  • Facilitate farmers to allow better access to finance (e.g. bank loan).

Resarch and Field Survey

  • Conduct research and field survey related to aquaculture development in Indonesia, with the following topics: potential and challenge in aquaculture, technology application, socio-economic, aquaculture governance, and the role of women in aquaculture.
  • Conduct research and survey related to any aspect supporting aquaculture activities, including but not limited to, remote sensing, geographical information system, natural resource management, ecosystem restoration, watershed management, wetland ecosystem mapping, and community engagement.
  • Facilitate and provide technical assistance to domestic and international student to conduct research in Indonesia.

Training and Assistances

  • Carry out training on sustainable aquaculture approaches that covers better management practices, feeding management, water quality management, disease management, biosecurity, and zonal management.
  • Support to the development of informal vocational school system in order to better support farmer technical assistances.
  • Introduce applied technology (smart farming) for adoption to support better aquaculture business development 
  • Feed quality and feeding management for better efficiency in aquaculture
  • Institutional development and zone management

Fishery Household Empowerment

  • Empowering women in aquaculture through capacity building and technical assistance, social media marketing strategy, advanced household finance management.
  • Encourage involvement of women in environmental conservation activities, for instance by engaging them on mangrove planting activities. 

Conservation Activities

  • Promote the establishment of mangrove nursery house
  • Educate farmers to carry out mangrove plantation inside and surrounding farming areas. 
  • Communicate to farmers on the importance of the environment preservation to achieve a more sustain aquaculture development
  • Support the establishment of silvofishery faming system in the area where it is dominated with mangrove ecosystem, as the implementation of a harmony relationship between economic fulfillment and environmental preservation.


  • YSAI provide consultancy service for aquaculture sector development, such as aquaculture zonal management, farm design and management; financial, water quality management, feed management, disease management; natural resource management, conservation ecosystem restoration, watershed management, community empowerment.