YSAI AIP Seminar Series. “Sustainability issues and the Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as An Information Technology Product in Supporting Shrimp Farming Business “

AIP seminar Series is one of a series of activities carried out by YSAI together with Fortel SCI Banyuwangi in the Aquaculture Improver Program.  In this seminar session, the theme presented was Sustainability issues and the Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as an Information Technology Product in Supporting Shrimp Farming Business. This seminar  was held on   March 23, 2022  at the Blambangan Hall of Aston Banyuwangi Hotel, East Java which was attended by about 110 stakeholders consisting of pond owners,  pond technicians,  government, and private.  The speaker presented  at  this activity was Ir.  Pamudi, M.Sc (Co-Founder of YSAI), Ivan (Environment Agency), & Ranggi Muharom (AquaEasy).

The  shrimp farming industry  in recent times, especially in Banyuwangi, has been hit by many  disease problems in shrimp that reduce productivity levels, especially Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) & WSSV. There is still  no real cure or technique  that can prevent the recurrence of the disease.  Of course it will disrupt the production targets that have been planned by the  state. At this seminar, Ir.  Pamudi, M.Sc conveyed the importance of shrimp farming based on sustainability principles, especially environmental aspects. It will be very loss if this very profitable  business does not continue due to factors related to the environment.  What’s more, shrimp  produced from Indonesia is in great demand by foreign markets.  Perhaps, the difficulty  of shrimp cultivation  business at  this time  cannot be separated from the bad behavior that occurred in the past.  So that the emergence of new diseases always haunts the  world of shrimp cultivation.

On this occasion,   the Banyuwangi Environment Office  was  also presented through Mr. Ivan as a resource person also conveyed the importance of paying attention to the  quality of wastewater produced by shrimp cultivation before being thrown into the  environment. around. The Banyuwangi Environment  Office  also conveyed socialization related to existing regulations  and  facilitated for shrimp pond farmers to always check water  quality before being thrown into the environment.  in accordance with  established standards.  It is hoped that  this effort can help  reduce the adverse impacts of cultivated waste in the  long term, firn can be minimized, and  the prospects of shrimp pond cultivation will be always there.

In this seminar activity also presented  one of  the Start Ups engaged in shrimp farming business, namely AquaEasy. Ranggi Muharom as a resource person explained that AquaEasy brought AI (Artificial Intelligence)  technology to be introduced  to  this cultivation business.  According to him,  the revolution in  this business must be done to support  the Industry 4.0 movement which is already based on information technology, especially AI. AI was created to support and facilitate farmers in doing their work. In addition, the development of this  technology related to  shrimp farming business continues to be refined.  Moreover, if  the issue of sustainability continues to be echoed, it does not rule out the possibility that AquaEasy will present AI  technology that can support this  issue.  So that efficiency can be achieved and also  the resulting data collection will be able to recognize shrimp behavior and can map the final result  of cultivation.   AquaEasy also introduced several tools that can be  used to check the physical and chemical parameters  of pond water. In addition, AquaEasy also introduced AI implanted  in autofeeders.

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