The Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series “SOP for Sustainable Vaname Shrimp Culture”

FUI (Indonesian Shrimp Forum) has held a webinar series I on November 23th 2021 with mainly topic “Standard Operating Procedure for Sustainable Vaname Shrimp Culture”. This webinar was also supported by KKP, UNIDO, and YSAI. Focus discussion in this first series is an operational procedures in pre-production preparation in Vaname culture with Prof. Sukenda as a practitioner and IPB’s lecturer […]

The Indonesia Shrimp Forum Webinar Series “Water Quality Management in Shrimp Farming During The Pandemic

The Webinar ” Water quality management in shrimp farming during the pandemic “was held on October 26, 2021 and organized by the Indonesian Shrimp Forum with four speakers, Dr. John Hargreaves from USSEC, Dr. Farshad Shishenchian from Blue Aqua, Margawan Kelana from Evergreen Fees, Liris Maduningtyas from JALA. Dr. John Hargreaves who is currently the Aquaculture Consultant for USSEC, presented […]

Signing of The Cooperation Agreement Yayasan Sustainaqua Indonesia With Pusat Pelatihan Dan Penyuluhan Kementerian Kelautan Dan Perikanan.

  In order to support the national government’s ambition to increase national shrimp production by 250%, in partnership with Pusat Pelatihan dan Penyuluhan KKP (Puslatluh KKP), Sustainaqua Indonesia Foundation has helped to develop a Digital Training System of a Sustainable Shrimp Farming. This collaboration has officially launched through a cooperation agreement signed by both parties, which signing ceremonial can be […]