Study on Carrying Capacity of Banyuwangi Coastal Area (Part 1)

BANYUWANGI – The dynamic of water quality parameters have a major role in determining farming success. Therefore, at the preparation stage, farmers ideally takes consideration on the surrounding condition to define stocking schedule, productivity target, and treatment required during water preparation as shrimp cultivation media. However, the lack of baseline data availability on coastal water has been becoming a challenge for farmers to be able to implement proper strategy to reduce the risk during production. 

In order to fulfill the need for baseline data as the basis to carry out improvement in shrimp farming practices in Banyuwangi, Shrimp Club Indonesia and Forum Technology group collaborate with UNAIR Banyuwangi and Yayasan Sustainaqua Indonesia design a research aiming to estimate the carrying capacity of Banyuwangi coastal area.

Sustainaqua Indonesia and Fortel Banyuwangi Discussing the Research Plan

In this study, water quality sampling will be done in weekly basis, where four parameters are measured; Total Organic Matter, Phosphate, Total Bacteria, dan Total Vibrio. The measurement is be taken from six stations located these villages; Alasrejo, Bengkak, Pakis, Badean, Gumuk Kantong, and Wringin Putih. 

On all farms, the sampling method used is by taking water sample from the inlet pipe that sourcing water from coastal area, except for Gumuk Kantong site where samples are taken from seashore. The water source collected from point that is located between 200 – 300 meters from coastline. 

Watersampling Station

As an initial stage, the data collection will be carried out starting from June to November 2020. Along with the data collection process to support the study on carrying capacity, the weekly monitoring data will be distributed to all farmers in Banyuwangi through SCI and Fortel group. That way, those data can provide information for farmers’ to conduct better preparation prior starting shrimp production cycle.

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